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Short trip: top Benelux travel stories in week 1, 2015

Looks like the first week of 2015 picks up where 2014 left: players like AirBnB and Uber, who continue to disrupt and/or challenge (take your pick) traditional travel models, still make up most of our travel conversation in the Benelux.

Enjoy reading our year’s first week top 3 stories.

1. Court orders Uber to stop in Spain, and Uber complies (Dutch)

This was mentioned at least 12 times this week: game over for Uber in Spain:

“Uber stopt toch in Spanje na verbod rechter“

2. Sharing Economy 2.0: Can Innovation and Regulation Work Together? (French)

Now here’s the broader perspective, which makes for a more interesting discussion than the I’m with – I’m against argument online: can we make the sharing economy actually work? Mentioned more than 5 times this week. Great, long read. The French piece contains a link to the English original.

“Economie du partage: l’innovation et la réglementation peuvent-elles s’entendre?”

 3. Is 2014 the year when the rental and not the sharing economy exploded? (English)

Looking back on the numerous start-ups in 2014, this piece argues we have not entered the age of the sharing economy but that of the rental economy: “This year saw a rise of focused yet decentralized start-ups making it possible for ordinary people to supplant the roles traditionally played by, for instance, taxi fleets and hotel chains.” Sharing or rental – that’s a thin line, but it makes for an interesting read and mentions a couple of start-ups you might not have heard about, like the car rental service Relay Rides.

“2014: When The Rental—Not “Sharing”—Economy Exploded and started infiltrating nearly all aspects of our lives”

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