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Short trip: top Benelux travel stories in week 3, 2015

A quiet week, week 3 of 2015. We picked up on one particular update: though not shared extensively, it shows the ‘internet of things’ offers plenty of opportunities for the travel sector as well. Seems people are not the only ones who can be connected through technology: your luggage can be too.

Enjoy reading this week’s top stories.

1. Is smart luggage taking off? (English)

With Delsey working on a prototype called Pluggage and the Kickstarter-funded Trunkster gathering over a million dollars for its smart luggage, you could say smart luggage is finally taking off.

 “Meet Smart Luggage, the Must-Have Travel Gadget of 2015″

2. Hotels for movie fans (English)

Our colleagues at Amadeus North America hit home with this short but effective (600+ shares) update: fancy staying at a hotel you might know from the movies? Try these ones.

“Stardust travel memories: 5 hotels for movie buffs”

3. A take on the advantages of open booking (French)

This French piece on what looks like quite a nice corporate travel blog, rounds up an article by travel blogger Scott Gillespie, who argues for an “open booking” approach when it comes thinking of your travellers first.

“Quand l’open-booking annonce le futur du voyage d’affaires”

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