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Short trip: top Benelux travel stories in week 4, 2015

1. #uber #innovation #airbnb. again.

People, really. What’s up with those tens and tens and tens of shares of disruption stories? How much more do we need to talk about Uber and Airbnb online? We know the story. You have to give it to the latter though: from a strategic point of view, it’s great to see how many people share exotic and off Airbnb places; and how that helps the company position itself as the ‘other’ provider. Smart.

The post below is about another ‘smart’. How at Airbnb they base their user experience decisions on data gathered by experiments. Ideal for nerdy online travel agents and online services.

“Experiments at Airbnb – data” (English)

2. European commission wants airline passengers data (Dutch)

This article deals with the European Commission demanding airline passenger data to fight terrorism. Interestingly, it also mentions what data exactly would be handed over. This includes meal choice, passport ID and email. Source is The Guardian.

“Europese Commissie eist 42 data van vliegtuigpassagiers” (Dutch)

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