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Why a personalised travel approach requires a global system

Highly personal, highly convenient: that is how the traveller wants his journey as your customer today. With needs largely shaped by how travellers use technology today, technology itself is key in meeting those needs. Easier said than done, though. Keeping up with those changes is quite a task, considering the speed and impact they tend to come with.

Take travel buying: today, your traveller wants the right product made available at the right time in the matching context, bought and delivered exactly how he or she wanted it. But how can we make this work?

Dealing with this increasing customer sophistication and the demand for a much more personalised approach requires an open, intelligent and global travel system to connect travel agencies, airlines and travel providers with the traveller to meet his or her needs in real-time, wherever he or she is.

There is not one customer journey. There are millions.

Such a global system would allow you both as a provider and a subscriber to access and manage the traveller through one single integrated platform at every stage of their journey, from the first idea of the trip to well after the trip’s end.

The result? We would all together create the rich, convenient and personal journey your customer deserves and one that will make him or her a truly satisfied traveller. And we all know happy travellers are the ones that are most likely to come back. Put in numbers: it could unlock, for example, more than $130 billion of revenues for airlines by 2020.

The good news is: the technology to make this happen today is real.

Even better. It can be delivered.

Let’s see what that amazing journey would look like

1. inspiring your traveller

Technology makes searching online much more dynamic and relevant. Plenty of filters allow for engaging ways to offer new, enriched search results in real-time, adapted to the traveller’s specific context:

  • personal filters
    budget, activity, destination, timing…
  • social filters
    friends’ favourite destinations, friends’ plans, shared points of interest…
  • other filters
    weather forecasts, events on location…

2. personalizing your traveller’s shopping experience

Relevancy is key. Your business or leisure traveller is much more likely to buy when he’s offered a personalized package with ancillary product and service options, ideally based on past actions and personal preference.

3. enriching your traveller’s booking

Once again, connecting your service with those of complementary providers creates a richer, more personal experience. Imagine an airline

  • offering SMS updates to let the traveller know one of his contacts are taking that flight too, so they can choose to sit next to each other
  • enabling bids for cabin upgrades

4. your traveller’s trip

  • pre-travel
    mobile push notifications about bids, last-minute changes, boarding pass updates…
  • on-travel
    fast boarding based on geolocation data, mobile promotions for airport shops, in-flight merchandising services through wi-fi, destination packages with optimized pricing offers for local restaurants or transport…
  • post-travel
    reviewing trip elements on social media helps creating a better experience next time, automated expense accounts for business travellers, separating personal from business costs…

Like to get specific?

See our animated infographic for

  • a detailed dive into your traveller’s enriched experience
  • examples of how Amadeus makes personalized travel work today
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