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With your own travel agency software

It’s easy to say you have to be or become “more efficient” and “more flexible” as a travel agent, when you want increase your profit margins and keep your share in a market under pressure (now there’s an understatement).

As travellers in the Benelux too book themselves much more often, compare content online, create their own packages, expect 24/7 service and become even more diverse as a target group – you need more than standard business language to cope. No to mention the fierce competition you’re faced with.

So what do these words mean exactly – efficiency, flexibility – and how do you put them into practice in a way that makes you win? Besides your own creativity as a travel agent and the personal service you provide, ICT plays a crucial part of the answer today, as JOKER shows in this video below.

Travel agent software?

Why, yes. Because it impacts directly

  • how you work on a daily basis
  • and how you get where you want to be in 5 years

What size would you like your travel agency software?

Take Joker, for example. Joker is an independent Belgian leisure travel company with several local offices, and one of the top 4 consolidators there. For the past 5 years they have been working with us to fine-tune their ICT processes in a way that meets their customers’ demands and is profitable for them.

They now benefit from margin control thanks to:

  • lower operational costs
    Joker staff works faster and makes less mistakes
  • full fee, region, airline, destination, class, ticket… flexibility
    in a personalized tool adapted to Joker’s customer needs

See the full video about Joker’s travel ICT approach

Say hi to Luc Callewaert, General Manager of Joker and Eddy Schroeven, Key Account Manager of Amadeus Benelux. The interviews start at 0:14.

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