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featuring Carmen Parvizi | Service Director, Amadeus Benelux
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Say hi to Carmen Parvizi, our Service Director

Carmen Parvizi, Service Director Amadeus Benelux“In the end, making other people happy by making a small difference for them, that’s what makes me truly happy, both professionally and personally”, says Carmen Parvizi as she looks back on an impressive career at Amadeus Benelux spanning 25 years.

Retiring at 61 as Service Director, she has overlooked many shifts and changes both in the sector and Amadeus itself. Now she’s ready to hand over to Jérôme Haemers, who’ll be Unit Manager Customer Care, in his turn about to manage a major change in the Customer Services Centre.

This series of monthly Amadeus Benelux portraits puts one of our people in the seat next to you. Enjoy the trip.

Carmen, where did you start in the travel services industry?

I have worked for Sabena and Air France, handling reservation and ticket sales before arriving at Amadeus Benelux. So I was quite familiar with travel booking.

Why the move to Amadeus then?

I wanted to look behind the screens, see how travel ICT itself worked. It turned out to be a completely different kind of job. A totally new way of working too.

What do you mean, totally different?

Travel ICT is constantly changing – it just never stops. But I love to learn, so it was the right choice for me. And I managed to keep in touch, since we’re offering direct support and training to our customers.

Which means there are no typical days…

Right, you always start your day with a planning, a list of things you want to finish, but ICT would not be ICT if something unexpected would not happen.

Name a professional highlight

Oh, I haven’t got one specifically in mind. It’s just, when I started, I was the ninth to join the team, which operated solely in Belgium. Now we’re nearly eighty people strong for the whole Benelux.

We’ve overseen many changes and shifts in quite a complex environment, and keeping customers happy, and keeping them (smiles) – that was and still is hugely important. In the end, making other people happy by making a small difference for them, that’s what makes me truly happy, both at Amadeus and at home.

What’s your motto?

Be open to change. Be the best you can be every day.

What’s your favourite travel memory?

Patagonia, December 2014. Amazing landscape, wonderful people. I want to go back. Definitely.

What destination is on top of your to do list?

South-America, Peru. How warm and cordial people are there, that’s very inspiring.

Who would like to see next in this seat?

I’ll be happy to make room for Jérôme Haemers, our soon to be Unit Manager of the new Customer Care team.

Carmen Parvizi

Service Director

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