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featuring Jérôme Haemers | Unit Manager Customer Care, Amadeus Benelux

Jérôme Haemers, our Unit Manager Customer Care, says hi

With a simple motto “smile”, Jérôme is ready to lead our brand new Customer Care department after 2 years as Unit Manager Technical Services. He has taken over from Service Director Carmen Parvizi, who will retire by the end of February 2015.

This series of monthly Amadeus Benelux portraits puts one of our colleagues in the seat next to you.

Enjoy the trip.

Jérôme, where did you start in the travel services industry?

I come from an ICT and commercial background, so the travel services industry was completely new to me. Amadeus offered me a great opportunity to create and implement a new vision, so that’s why I got on board some five years ago now.

What attracted you to travel services ICT?

Just thinking of all these people, millions of them, travelling – every single day. We’re talking about dealing with massive, really massive databases with confidential information. Talking about a major challenge. Come to think of it, we look a lot like a bank (laughs).

And it’s constantly moving…

Right. That’s ICT for you. The speed, it just keeps changing faster and faster, along with the technology. Amazing.

Which means there are no typical days…

The key is being creative. Dealing with support issues is not just about a few clicks here and there. You need really good people, who know how to handle stress and are quick on their feet, whatever the task at hand.

Could you name a professional highlight?

I haven’t been around that long here, so that’s a difficult one. But to name one: stabilizing our network environment, including a full backup system for dealing with power outages.

What’s your motto?

Smile. Just smile. Simple, but it’s something people hear and feel when you’re on the phone, so they say. And it’s the key to great cooperation, everywhere. I want to remain open to people, to new ideas.

What’s your favourite travel memory?

Egypt as a teenager. In the desert, at night, camping. The sky, full of falling stars, was truly unique. A lot of my wishes came true, then.

What makes you truly happy?

Picking up my daughter from day care and giving each other a hug. That’s when I am home.

What destination is on top of your to do list?

Can I name three? Japan for its energy, culture and one of a kind atmosphere. Greece because of its history, and Scandinavia because of, well, pure nature.

Who would you like to see next in this seat?

I’ll make room for Inge Van Dooren, our Unit Manager Solution Services.

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Find Jérôme Haemers on LinkedIn here.

Jérôme Haemers

Unit Manager Customer Care

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