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Get behind the scenes at our brand new Customer Care department

“You, as a customer, won’t see much difference, except for one: you are being serviced even better.” Olaf Leenders, Operations Director, smiles as he explains what Amadeus Benelux support is aiming for with the major change into the new Customer Care department.

“You’d think that with an overall satisfaction rate of 93% in 2014, there wouldn’t be much room for improvement. It’s not that we came climbing out of a deep hole when it comes to support, obviously. But our processes, how we work internally at support, always can be optimised and adapted to the needs of our customers. .”

Come together

So how exactly are the Amadeus Benelux Help Centres (yes, that’s a plural), formerly known as the Customer Services Centre and the Technical Services Centre, changing? It’s the m-word: merger. A big one. So what looks like a simple name change on the outside, turns out to be quite a different story when you take a look behind the scenes.

So come on in.

The departments formerly known as Customer Services & Technical Services Centres

“We used to have 2 different centres for the whole of the Benelux”, explains Olaf. “The Technical Services Centre provided technical support for all of our customers. The Customer Services Centre helped travel agents who needed functional support with our services, and offered training as well.”

“Near the end of February 2015 these two centres will become one: Customer Care. 14 people with an average of 9 years of solid experience at Amadeus Benelux, will provide multichannel support: e-support or by phone, we’re reachable 24/7.”

This means: one point of entry, one process, and one team. Talking about lean.

“For the record: we’re very conscious about keeping all support 100% local and in-house. We’re 100% Benelux.”

Captain of the new ship is Jérôme Haemers, Unit Manager Customer Care, who’s been with us for 5 years already. Carmen Parvizi, who you have known for years as our Service Director, will retire by the end of February 2015 after an impressive 25 years at Amadeus.

Omnichannel support and learning

In early March several other changes will take effect too. Right, but what’s in it for you? Shorter admin times, improved usability and simpler processing – would that do? All thanks to completely new CRM and call centre software.

“That same software upgrade allows us to offer omnichannel training in our Amadeus Learning Centre“, Olaf adds. Think: e-Learning, Webex sessions, certification, subscriptions, … – all online too.”

“Besides the standard package, fully custom training and support are available as well for the whole of our Benelux customer base. It’s really up to you.”

Always room for improvement

Maybe those changes come as a bit of a surprise. A 2014 customer satisfaction survey about our customer support resulted in these impressive numbers:

  • accessibility
    96% satisfied to very satisfied
  • kindness, politeness
    97% satisfied to very satisfied
  • overall satisfaction

Yet, as it turns out, 13% of the issues Amadeus Benelux Support are dealing with, needs support from Amadeus Central. “That’s okay, but we’d still love to see that number drop”, says Olaf. “Our aim is to tackle as much issues locally, right here in the Benelux: that is the key to helping people fast.”

The new Customer Care will be a fact as of 2nd March 2015.

As our customer, you can still contact us the way you are used to.

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Olaf Leenders

Operations Director

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