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How light is your ticketing?

With Europe as the world’s most active market for Low Cost Carrier (LCC) business – 250 million passenger trips per year – it’s stating the obvious that integrating LCC’s and hybrids in your offering as a travel agent is good move. That goes for the Benelux market as well.

Apart from Luxembourg, that has no LCC passengers because they primarily go through Germany – we estimate a rise in LCC passengers for Belgium and The Netherlands.

2014 saw an estimated 8.18M LCC passengers. That’s 21,66% of all local BNL passengers flying with LCC on the total of departures. With an estimated 8.91M passengers for 2015, this could mean a rise to 22,75% of local BNL passengers choosing LCC.

So broadening and strengthening your offer is one thing; booking them in a streamlined way that does not cost you too much effort is another. Especially since more low cost and hybrid carriers will sell by the GDS. How can you adapt your travel agency booking engine?

Adapting your LCC travel business model

If you are booking LCC’s and hybrids today through direct and/or aggregated channels, chances are you pay the price by spending too much time and effort

  • finding the right prices and fares
    through fragmented channels
  • checking and compiling
    those fragmented bits of information
  • manually completing the PNR
    to process the booking

Sounds familiar? It’s too repetitive. Too time-consuming. And as the data is stored in different places, you have to identify all the info and manually make the changes through the airline, which makes the process slow as well.

Moreover, you are dependent on different systems that do not interface with each other and different agents who put info into the website or aggregator and then update the GDS.

Multiply the time you need to book every hybrid or LCC seat by the number of tickets you process on a yearly basis. Right. Time to make this process light.

Search, book, change… in one move: light ticketing

Booking low cost and hybrid carriers through the Amadeus GDS is up to 5 times faster than airline websites and over 8 minutes quicker than via any other channel. This is how light our ticketing and booking process is:

  1. you consult a single & complete overview of all data
    instantly finding the right option for each traveller
  2. you select the flight
    and we take care of all the rest with synchronized PNR
  3. make changes without needing to contact the airline
    make them once in our system, and we reissue all documents
  4. easily handle all financial, billing and business processes
    all integrated into your back-end

In addition to saving time thanks to a streamlined workflow and broadening your offering, you can make as much as € 3 on a round trip booking and € 6 difference on rebookings and changes.

Making booking LCC’s and hybrids work for you?

See our intro movie below. Clicking on a link will open it in a new window, so you can stream the movie and/or download it.

see the intro movie: why and how light ticketing
the benefits of light ticketing (0 min 34 MP4 | 5,8 MB)

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