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Good to see an in-depth study of the impact of mobile on travel. And not that we don’t like to talk about Uber & co, but a short Fortune piece zooms in how corporate travellers too are increasingly relying on Uber to offer a refreshing view.

1. Dark percent of in-trip travel budgets are getting unlocked due to mobile (English)

Nice extract from an in-depth study you can download for free, through a link in the article. “A majority of travel spending, full 58 percent of it, still happens in-trip” – and that’s where mobile comes in.

“Shining a light on the dark period: mobile is moving in-market.”

2. Corporate travel may be falling for Uber (English)

And the proof is a report based on the analysis of millions of receipts from travel and expense management software provider Certify.

“Business travelers are expensing more Uber rides than ever”

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