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We can add another popular topic to the list, you know, the one that already features Uber, Airbnb & co: mobile. Not a day goes by or we see mentions of how mobile impacts our industry. And rightly so, if you look at the numbers below.

Travel bookings multiply on mobile in the Netherlands

2014 saw an increase of an impressive 133% of people booking their flights on a mobile device in The Netherlands. That’s a lot more than the European average of 113%. More data after the click.

 “Mobile bookings really taken off” (Dutch)

Most Important Travel Trends of 2015

As far as leisure travel predictions go for this year, this looks like one of the better articles yet, with about 10 realistic trends ranging from sleep gadgets to airports monitoring your every move and better networking on the plane.

“Most Important Travel Trends of 2015” (English)

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