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With an education as professional translator, different languages and cultures have always been a part of Inge’s life.

Travel was never really very far away.
Travel IT, on the other hand, now, that was a surprise move.

This series of monthly Amadeus Benelux portraits puts one of our colleagues in the seat next to you. Enjoy the trip.

Inge, how did you start in the travel services industry?

I have worked in tourism, and later on for a tour operator. Spent some time working abroad too. As soon as I felt my work did not challenge me anymore, I switched to Amadeus Benelux. I have worked there now for almost 15 years. Which means my job still challenges me – every day. Laughs.

Wait, you’re in IT with a background in languages?

I see my job mainly as working with people. With Solution Services, we’re there assisting customers and colleagues on project level, whether that’s for support, implementing new products, changing existing ones…

You’re on the crossroads

My job really is where our customers and my colleagues – and our work – meet. That’s a lot of very different people, with very different fields of expertise, and very different needs. Keeping them happy, that’s what I do. Next to working closely with customers, a lot of it is capabilities management. If that goes well, that is what gives me energy, you know, a team working well, seeing people grow.

Let me guess: no typical days for you either, just like your colleagues…

No, and I could not live with autopilot on. Let every day have its surprises, please. From customer support, assisting colleagues to assessing customers in-house… On project level too: our team likes to be creative in how we can come up with answers in what seem like mission impossible-situations. Smiles.

Could you name a professional highlight?

Solutions Services wasn’t there when I started at Amadeus Benelux. Today we have a team of 9 people. That says something about us, in how we change internally to meet our customers’ and the market’s needs better.

Who can inspire you?

Bruno De Rossi, our ‘big man’ in Delivery. As the captain of a ship of almost 3,000 colleagues, he knows very well what’s happening on deck. I met him, and he’s such a good listener. A genuine example.

What’s your motto?

Turn off the autopilot. Carpe diem.

What’s your favourite travel memory?

Travelling to Kenya, alone, as a twenty something. I arrived without any address, any plans. Travelling alone is intense, you open up a lot more to people. It’s like you really get a sense of the place then. And Greece, of course. I lived there for a while. We can really learn from the Greeks; how to make the best of every day, and not lose track of the things that really matter.

What makes you truly happy?

Spending time with my family, with my son. Living in the moment, enjoying it. That’s what I learned from living in the South.

What destination is on top of your to do list?

South America, since I prefer the ‘South way of life’. And because of its ancient culture. And if I’d really want to get off this planet – don’t laugh – I’d head for Maldives.

Who would you like to see next in this seat?

Stephanie Brouwers, product manager. We worked together in the product department when I started with Amadeus Benelux and I would love to hear how she has evolved. So let’s find out more about her!

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Inge Van Dooren

Manager Corporate IT

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