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A selfie space in the lobby. A concierge service on Twitter. These are just two examples of how hotels make social media work for them today. Meanwhile, in Madrid, we hosted a Future of Travel conference together with The Economist, which Tnooz summed up nicely.

Hotels show how make social work

Hotel search engine Trivago lists 10 hotels we can learn from when it comes to handling social channels and content. From cats getting letters to loyalty programs linked to Foursquare accounts: one of these examples will inspire you for sure.

Top 10 social media hotels (Dutch, with pop-up)

Catch up with the future of travel

If you’re on Twitter you must have seen the tweets from our Future of Travel conference in Madrid, on March 24. The line-up was impressive, and it’s no surprise words like “data” and “personalisation” popped up regularly. A Tnooz post lets you catch up quickly with key take-aways.

Sharing is caring – unless it’s a bit creepy (English)

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