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Cities, as it turns out. Because the weather becomes better around that time of the year. And since this holiday week was rather quite in terms of conversation online, we’ve added a trouvaille by one of our colleagues: a great Virgin website that lets you pick your next destination based on what and how you pack.

Top 20 Easter holiday destinations in 2015

London, Amsterdam and Paris lead the way: check out this nice round-up of the most popular Easter destinations this year. Inspiration for your offering next year?

Top 20 Easter holiday destinations (English)

Let your suitcase decide where to go to

Nice ‘little’ inspirational site by Virgin: pack a suitcase with your style, and Virgin Atlantic tells you where to fly to. Make sure you wait for your destination, and see how they really want to make you go there. And you can invite friends too. For the record: ours was New York City.

Let It Fly by Virgin Atlantic (English)

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