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If we understand future travel better, we can make better-informed decisions for our businesses today.

Insight into future travellers’ motivations, priorities, needs, technology usage, mindset – you name it – is crucial to shape our products and services, whether you are a leisure travel agent in Amsterdam or a corporate travel manager in San José.

Clear, right?
Now all we have to do is figure out who that future traveller is.

That is why Amadeus worldwide have teamed up with the global consumer trends consultants from The Future Foundation to find out exactly that: what will our future travel landscape look like 15 years from now?

The answers – yes, that’s a plural – are right here.
Available in different formats.
For free.

Here’s how to get the most out of this extensive future travel research

Wait, did you say “a future traveller tribe”?

By talking to leading futurologists, travel industry experts and travellers from around the world, our colleagues from Amadeus worldwide have identified 6 emerging future traveller tribes.

Tribes are an interesting way to describe people. As personality segments, they allow us to describe people’s behaviour better than a strictly demographic approach. It allows travellers to be part of different tribes, depending on the context you find yourself in, personally or professionally, for example.

Okay, enough theory.
Let’s step into the future now.

Download the Future Traveller Tribes 2030 report

 Download & read the full report here:

“Future traveller tribes 2030”
.pdf, 4.8 MB
download starts in new page or tab

What traveller tribe are you part of?

In just 3 steps you can find out which traveller tribe or tribes you belong to.

Take the test here
and let us know in the comments where you ended up.

6 future traveller tribes in 2030 in 1 infographic

Open our neat infographic in a new tab or page.

Infographic of the Future Traveller Tribes 2030 by Amadeus

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