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Okay, this was one we really couldn’t ignore: the Benelux was buzzing about the news that Uber would become a 100% legal ride sharing service in Brussels. By far the most popular share with more than 100 mentions and counting.

Then again, if you had checked the live trending stories being shared on our homepage, you would have known already. ;-)

Following up on that news, there was an opinion piece being shared that had appeared on the World Economic Forum site: “Europe needs innovation, rather than regulation”. While the headline could not have been more cliché, the piece does offer a bigger picture, which makes it an interesting read.

Brussels first European city to legalize Uber in 2016?

Brussels would be the first European capital to legalize the private taxi service Uber – if Mobility Secretary Pascal Smet’s bill would pass. The article claims there would be enough political support.

Uber legal in Brussels in 2016 (Dutch)

Europe and innovation: learning from history

This opinion article argues that Europe fails to learn from history when confronted with innovation today. Well-written and challenging, and well-worth your 8 minutes.

Why Europe needs innovation not regulation (English)

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