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Lots of talk about future travel. Did we have something to do with that? Possibly. But apart from the new edition of the Dutch Hospitality Management being released, there was not much ‘new’ talk we could share here.

Luckily, we do have colleagues surfing the web as well.
See what they came up with.

Rohit Talwar on the Future of the Airline Industry (video)

As part of a great series on the future of air travel, this future researcher sees digital currencies, big data and learning systems as main drivers.

Rohit Talwar on the future of the airline industry (English)

Is Internet of Things (IoT) strategic to business?

It may not be directly connected to travel, but what we do like about this article, is that it takes a step back from the ‘hype’ and offers solid strategic and concrete answers to its possible value for companies. It uses good sources. And make sure you check the infographic that does a great job at explaining IoT.

Is the internet of things strategic to the enterprise? (English)

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