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Are we entering summer mode already, Benelux? No mentions we picked up that were relevant enough to share here. But since we’ve entered future mode the last couple of weeks, we’ve found another great though lengthy video that discusses the digital transformation our world is facing. Just hit the first link.

Digital transformation: travel & tourism (video, 10 minutes)

Sixth episode of a future series. If you don’t mind looking at three talking heads for almost ten minutes, you’ll get some great in-depth and concrete insights on big data. We liked the part where they suggested to call it “my data” from now on. And did we say we were mentioned here too?

Digital transformation: travel & tourism (English) Business launched quietly

If you did not spot this one already, now would be a great time to catch up: has launched “ Business” rather quietly , aimed at corporate travellers and corporate travel managers. Business launched quietly (Dutch)

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