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How global and local connect at Amadeus Benelux

If you’re working with our Benelux offices as a travel professional, or show interest in one of our services, we’re happy to say we’re a future proof choice.

Driven by global expertise as a global player, you benefit directly from that scale in our local applications – or should that be ‘glocal’? That is how we at Amadeus Benelux catch up with major shifts and help you find the right answers for your business.

Connecting global shifts and local applications

It’s clear our world is undergoing major changes and we need to adapt, together, on every possible scale. To put it in the words of our President & CEO, Luis Maroto:

The dramatic growth of mobile technologies, e-commerce, social media and user-generated content has transformed travel for ever. Once mere consumers of information, travellers are now a powerful presence in the industry.

Looking at how we were doing in 2014, know that we’re there for you in the Benelux, stronger than ever.

We’re open. Read our Amadeus Global Report 2014

If you want to take a closer look at how we are doing globally, we’ve created a business, financial and sustainability overview for 2014 right here. It’s available both as

We’re there for you

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us – in French, Dutch, German or English. ;-)

A concrete example?

See in this video how we helped Joker travel win the hearts of travellers by lowering operational costs and increasing flexibility.

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