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Tired of all the talk about mobile, data and transformation? No worries. We only mention the good articles in our short trips here, so you don’t have to waste your time clicking on every link being shared like we do.

Then again, we like doing that.

How Travel Intelligence is Shaping the Future of Travel (video, 6 minutes)

Our colleague Pascal Clement, Head of Travel Intelligence, talks about the opportunities big data analytics hold and the future of travel intelligence.

How Travel Intelligence is Shaping the Future of Travel (English)

The UK’s more into mobile travel content than the US

When it comes to travel content, a new report by Expedia(R) Media Solutions found that found that “nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of the 48 million people in the U.K. engaging with digital content across smartphones, tablets and PCs are interacting with travel-related content compared to two-thirds (63 percent) in the U.S.”

Consumers in the U.K. Are Using Mobile Devices More Than Ever To Engage With Digital Travel Content (English)

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