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Business trips: safely dealing with risky business

Unfortunately, as a travel manager you’re not always sending your colleagues into perfectly secure or risk-free places. When travelling a lot for your company, you can’t always foresee the situation of your destination – but it would be good to know your travel manager remains on top of things, whatever happens.

The eruption of a volcano, closure of airports due to weather, strike actions, flight cancellations, outbreaks of violence resulting from political instability, natural disasters or the spreading of infectious diseases… It’s an eerily long list of cataclysmic situations that could occur, even where you would least expect it.

Planning is one thing, staying in control is another

No matter how meticulously you planned a trip, some things just remain beyond your control. As a travel manager, you feel it’s your duty to get your colleagues comfortably and safely to the places they need to go, and have them return in the same safe and comfortable way when the job is done. People remain a company’s prime asset.

Should an event take place, you want to make sure you have all the necessary information and tools at hands to stay in control. You want to be able to:

  • identify and locate your affected employees
  • communicate with them
  • assess whether they are in need of assistance

Alternatively, you’d want to know whether any of your employees might be scheduled to go to a problematic area in the future and, if possible, have the ability to reliably assess the risk in the different parts of the world.

We help you locate, communicate and assist your travellers

Our Amadeus Mobile Messenger responds to every one of those needs by offering all the necessary functionalities to effectively locate, communicate and assist your travellers, combined into one intuitive, graphical tool. You don’t want to waste time and effort when dealing with difficult situations, so we have built in an efficient workflow.

A quick glance at its main functionalities:

  • real-time traveller data
    to make you decide with the right information
  • messenger
    to automatically communicate with your colleagues smartphone app
  • a handy interactive map
    to locate all your travellers at the present or any future time
  • smartphone app
    for direct interaction (one-way or two-way) with the travellers by push notifications SMS or email
  • automatic warning messages
    to alert travellers before they go to a “danger zone”
  • polygon map queries with auto-messaging
    to group travellers in a specific area and communicate with them
  • risk information linked to location
    in the risk intelligence module (optional)

Learning more about dealing with travellers in crisis situations?

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