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Interesting global research into mobile travel bookings turned up last week. The report, “The Mobile Effect: Disrupting the Competitive Landscape in the Digital Travel Market”, suggests that mobile is the new battleground for digital travel bookings; and OTA’s are leading in that sphere. Our second link takes you to a summary of a Google study that looks into travellers’ web-journeys.

OTA’s dominate mobile travel for now – report

This article sums up the key take-aways of the report nicely. US mobile adoption is average compared to Europe, for example. And it’s the frequent travellers who are more comfortable with mobile bookings. Make sure you read this.

OTA’s dominate mobile travel for now – report (English)

Google reveals the complexity of customer journeys

Travellers’ web-journeys are anything but simple nowadays, as Google has revealed after a dive in 36.000 analytics accounts in 11 different industry sectors (incl. travel). This article sums up the key insights and takes you to the original post too.

Google reveals the complexity of customer journeys (English)

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