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A new week, a new short trip – and yet again, the sharing economy is dominating our social radar. This time, we picked up an interesting report by ING on the growth of the sharing economy, and what exactly drives users to join in. Alternatively, we also stumbled upon a Dutch article listing the various Uber spinoffs – relevant, travel-related services included.

European sharing economy to grow by a third in the next 12 months – report

There’s an old saying that sharing is caring. But in the new, disruptive sharing economy pioneered by the likes of Uber and AirBnB, sharing is mostly about saving and earning. It’s one of the conclusions made by ING in their comprehensive sharing economy report. Driven largely by financial motives (environmental considerations count on a second level), the sharing economy is expected to grow by one third in Europe over the next year. Owing to the success of AirBnB, accommodation is the possession owners in Europe are most likely to share.

European sharing economy to grow by a third in the next 12 months – report (English)

There’s an Uber for everything

To be frank, you don’t need a comprehensive report like the one above to know that the sharing economy is booming. Apart from the larger companies making the news headlines, there are dozens of other smaller apps with an ambition to take over the world. Two things these smaller companies have in common: they all offer instant, on-demand services in a frictionless experience, and they all call themselves the Uber of something. Discover which everyday (and also travel-related) tasks got the Uber treatment in this article.

Een Uber voor alles (Dutch, free registration required)

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