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Travel is increasingly becoming a social experience. Not just sing along at a campfire social, but 21st century digital social. Indeed, even the most solitary of travellers can’t resist uploading a selfie with a breathtaking backdrop, and then waiting for the likes and comments to roll in. As a result, it would seem only natural for a commercial travel agent to join in. Right?

Expert to travel agents: you need to use social media

This article starts out with stating how a lot of travel agents feel: social media can be pretty intimidating as a marketing tool. According to Ron Cates, an international director for digital marketing education, however, social media is instrumental in creating and nurturing brand advocates. He glosses over the most important social channels and how to correctly use them, and he provides a definition for the term “digital forgiveness.” Read the article to discover what it means.

Experts to agents: you need to use social media (English)

Ten Advantages of Social Listening

The second article expects less of an active role to reap the benefits of social media. Instead of active participation, this link lists the advantages of merely listening to what’s being said. These advantages range from improving competitive intelligence and marketing to recruitment and innovation. As a whole, it states that travel-related companies, which appear to be more effective social listeners, will appear more sympathetic and attractive to their (potential) customer base.

Ten advantages of social listening (English)

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