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Over the past few years, we’ve seen technology revolutionize the hospitality industry. Not only the way the game is played, with services like mobile check-in and others, but also the hospitality game itself – with the rise of disruptive new players. In this week’s short trip, we’re delving deeper in technology’s role in the hotel industry.

Hyatt CEO on Bringing Humanity Back to Hospitality

Our first article sheds a light on how the “old order” thinks about technology in hospitality. In an interview with Skift, Hyatt’s CEO Mark Hoplamazian explains that tech is mainly there to take care of the basics; so real people can spend more time caring for guests in a more personal way. While technology might play a more important role for business guests, he thinks it should never define the experience.

Hyatt CEO on bringing humanity back to hospitality (interview)

Millennials choose mobile, influencing how hotel rooms are booked

Technology also plays a major role in how hotel rooms are booked, and mobile seems to become increasingly important. While consumers use both “old school” and “new school” approaches to booking hotel rooms for business and leisure, bookings through mobile experienced the most growth. What’s more, a senior analyst at TravelClick only anticipates the trend to continue into the future. At Amadeus, we have already tapped into the demand for this new way of booking with Amadeus m-Power, our own mobile solution. Amadeus key accounts will happily provide you with more information.

Millennials choose mobile, influencing how hotel rooms are booked (article)

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