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Where last year saw a rise of more than 6% in international passenger transport around June, IATA reports a modest 3% rise for this year in that same month. And that’s a clear drop. As a former busboy, the general manager of the Ritz-Carlton Montreal has a thing or two to say about meeting luxury traveller’s needs.

IATA has somber outlook for ticketing demand

As short as this article is, it got shared quite a lot in the Benelux. It looks like bad news though, since IATA sees a drop in airline ticket demands due to declining trust in emerging markets like the Middle East. Hit the link below for the short analysis.

IATA ziet het somber in (Dutch)

The changing face of luxury

As a man who started his career as a hotel busboy, president, CEO and general manager of the Ritz-Carlton Montreal Andrew Torriani has a lot to say about the changing needs of modern luxury travellers. And it takes only two questions before the word “technology” pops up. Check out the condensed version of the interview below. A nice, quick read.

Ritz Carlton Montreal boss on modern luxury travel (English)

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