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“You’ll know where you are, you’ll know how well you’re doing compared to others and you’ll have a better idea of where to go.”

If, as a travel agent in the Benelux, you might feel lost sometimes in the many challenges you face in your daily work, you’re not an exception. As if the world of travel is not changing enough in itself, your travel agency gets a swing taken at on a regular basis: competition from peers, expanding online services, often highly specialized, new mobile services, not to mention the sheer pace everything is happening with…

So you spend some time online too, catching up with trends and insights – you want to be up to date -, but the answers have a tendency to sound the same: big data, mobile, personal, service… Or: be more like Airbnb!

But these lines of advice never really become concrete, do they?
In a practical way, we mean, ready to be implemented tomorrow.
Like something different you could do this week.

Getting your head around the bigger picture

The answers are there, though. It’s just that they consist of so many facets, that it’s hard to get your head around it. Or that it’s so big and global you simply don’t get access to it.

It’s one word: data. Two words, actually: big data.

There we go again?
Yes, we do, but then again – we don’t.

Because we can make big data work for you. We’re gathering all the data we can about travellers and travel agencies – anywhere, anytime – and translate them into actionable insights for your agency.

  • targeting the right audience?
  • identifying traveller behaviour patterns?
  • anticipating demand in the Benelux?
  • knowing how well you are doing compared to your competitors?
  • negotiating better with airlines, with insight into your performance?
  • assessing your marketing efforts?

We can do this. Now.

Genuine travel intelligence to work with

“It’s called Amadeus Agency Insight”, says Stef Rijkers, Manager Business Development at Amadeus Benelux, “It’s a brand new product we have developed, designed to work like a GPS for your travel agency.”

“Whether you’re mainly online or a brick and mortar agency, whether for leisure or business – we round up your data and those of travellers and other agencies and then basically determine your position, to start with. With historical data going back 5 years, we can get pretty accurate.”

“For example, you can check how winter holidays have turned out in terms of bookings, and then adjust your approach.”

“The next step would be to use those data to help you make better decisions and create actionable insights for your travel agency.”

These two infographics give you a nice overview of the possibilities.

Clicking on them will open them full-sized in a new tab or window:

infographic booking analysis module Amadeus Agency Insight

infographic search analysis Amadeus Agency Insight

This short video gives you an idea of how the Amadeus Agency Insight Booking Analysis works:

Getting even more personal with travel intelligence

“Like all services we develop here for the Benelux,” says Stef, “we can create personalized modules onto Agency Insight. So if you have very specific requests in terms of insight, we can create those for you too.”

Interested in Amadeus Agency Insight?

Get into detail here:

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Stef Rijkers

Manager Business Development

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