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A look into what leisure travellers want today, as seen by travel agents. And a great analysis of what looks like a great campaign in the Netherlands called “Reiswerk” – a sited dedicated to help travel professionals – yes, that’s you – in every phase of their lives with info about working in the world of travel.

What Leisure Travelers Want Right Now

“While travelers are spending more, they want different types of experiences than before.” Though short, this article rounds up insight into how travel agents understand the needs of leisure travellers today.

What Travel Agents Say Leisure Travelers Want Right Now (English)

A campaign for travel professionals

Travelnext analyses a campaign called “Reiswerk” aimed at travel professionals. Including a live Facebook channel following a fictional character called “Tessa de Jong”, focuses on the travel industry’s labour market development and employability and aims to help anyone working or wanting to work in travel with the right info.

Meet Tessa de Jong: a real-time Facebook campaign from Reiswerk (Dutch)

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