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This week’s short trip is all about the c-word. You know, content. Travel content you can make to add value to the customer journey, inspiring travel and driving bookings; and content that the customer “makes” – more specifically the many reviews on Tripadvisor and other platforms. Both turn out to be crucial for a successful online presence.

Google stresses the importance of content and personalization

In leisure travel, customer journeys turn out to be incredibly complex. Information from Google shows that passengers make up to 32,5 visits to 10,3 websites in 4,2 categories before booking. This urges the question of how to stand out in between those 10,3. This particular article makes the case for a personalized experience en lieu of a one-fits-all approach. Additionally, content should be a driving factor – inspiring travel and converting that inspiration to booking.

Google urges airlines to reap rewards from mobile disruption (English)

How hoteliers should live in the review age

Sure, this column by the President and founder of LMA communications is largely aimed towards hoteliers, but there’s plenty lessons to be learned for travel agencies as well. Your online persona casts a strong reflection on how you operate in the flesh, it’s a reflection of your guest services and your brand. This article sets itself apart from other related material by addressing Internet “trolls” and the way reviewers effectively start reviewing each other.

Living in the review age (English)

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