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Now that I come to think of it, you really have to love people in my job. And I mean that. If you don’t care about the people who need your assistance, you’re not going to be a good trainer.

Dominique, you’ve just come back from your holidays

(laughs) Yes, that’s true. First day at work again. I have to get used to the pace again, wow. This year I stayed in Belgium, but I have been travelling quite a lot for the largest part of my life; many times to Africa.

That’s where my roots are. I was born in Zaire, and lived there until I was 16. My father worked as a teacher there. So I must have gotten the teaching bug from him.

Tell us what it is about training you like so much

No session is the same, really. Every time you meet different people, with different skills and different needs. The key is to adapt to your audience, which makes it challenging and varied. You have to be creative in every session.

Add to that our custom training sessions, and the fact we work in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and you see how varied the life of a trainer can be.

Now that I come to think of it, you really have to love people too. And I mean that. If you don’t care about that person who needs your help to find their way, you’re not going to be a good trainer.

Because you work with so many different people everyday

Yes, but that’s what makes our Benelux team so special too. We have so many different people from different backgrounds here, different languages, nationalities. That’s what travel is all about, right? Meeting different cultures.

You keep up with people, and with the Amadeus travel software

We’re constantly learning ourselves, as travel IT changes so much. We’re part of the testing team too, so very often, we get to work with new modules first. It’s fun to be able to help your colleagues, like we did with the Light Ticketing development. So you have to love learning yourself as well, as a teacher-trainer.

What is it you can learn from your work?

Being a travel agent today is complex. It’s hard work. There are so many facets to it: hotels, airlines, insurances, big packages… There are so many things you have to keep up with. And your customers are better informed, they have done their research before they talk to you. It has become major challenge.

What is your most special travel memory?

Tanzania, definitely. But long before it got so chic, and so expensive to go on safari there. My brother worked there for four years, and I loved to visit him back then.

Tanzania’s nature is more authentic, it’s rougher, harder – more real in a way. And I speak Swahili, so it’s easier to meet people. It’s where I learned to keep smiling, and to be content with what I have.

Who’s in your seat next time?

Janete Ripardo-Bruinsma, she’s from Brasil. I haven’t been there yet, and it’s on my to-do list as well!

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