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Well, age does matter, when it comes to your travelling audience. Because with age comes a different relationship with travel and technology, especially once you have passed 61, says a Finnish study. Meanwhile, Skift states that small niche travel agents could benefit from the means offered by larger travel agencies.

Understanding senior travellers

Older members of the population are a huge segment of your travelling audience – and they are growing in numbers. Finnish academics offer an analysis of people between 61 and 78 and their relationship with online travel and technology. Very insightful and worth your time.

Understanding the older generation and its tech-savvy relationship with travel (English)

read and download the whitepaper (English)

On your own, but not alone

Interesting short piece by Skift here. It states that there’s an increase of niche travel agents who work from home, with a small customer base. They too could benefit from a larger travel ‘umbrella company’ as partner, that helps them with technology, sales or marketing support. See how that could work below.

Independent Travel Agents Look for Support to Master a Niche (English)

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