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While everyone was going on about “back to future”, we really are travelling to the future now. And we don’t mean the future traveller tribes in 2030 we have been mapping out carefully for you. We’re talking about really futuristic travel technology, like the hyperloop – what? – and supersonic air travel.

Always fun to mention that to a customer booking tickets and discussing the time it takes to get to his destination.

Supersonic air travel

Supersonics are back, after the Concorde was retired in 2003. This article dives into different concept models of supersonic airplanes. And while Concorde is working on a serious comeback, they can expect some serious competition.

New era beckons for supersonic air travel (English)

Take the supertube

Prefer staying on the ground? This idea adds a whole new dimension to ‘the tube’. This train – sort of – would actually make you travel at speeds of up to 1.220 km/h inside a magnetic pipe. ‘Hyperloop technology’ now somehow sounds like an understatement.

2020: Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 15 minutes possible

But, wait, not so fast!

            Hyperloop backers are building hype, but many questions remain

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