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Travellers use mobile devices in a variety of ways at every stage of their customer journey. That’s a fact. The two articles below argue that mobile is key in giving your customer the best possible travel experience. While the first one gives you practical advice, the second one argues that we should look at mobile technology as a means, not as a goal.

From mobile to desktop and back again

If you don’t have much time, this is the one you should read. Apart from a short, smart analysis of the customer journey complexity, it gives insightful and highly practical tips on how to make the transition between mobile and desktop as smooth as possible.

Bridging the gap between mobile and desktop (English)

It’s not about apps and smartphones, is it?

When it comes to travel management, we may have shifted to mobile technology, but we are still miles away from a true mobile mindset, this article claims. Because few companies claim to have a comprehensive mobile travel policy. Well-written and challenging piece.

Mobile disconnections In the age of smartphones and travel apps (English)

Oh, and here’s the good news:

Travel agencies seems to have embraced mobile (English)


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