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As travel professionals we’re all for taking the stress away for our customers. The more seamless their experience is, the better, right? There are plenty of ways to make this work. In this short trip we look at how upcoming travel technology can make that work.

Soon in an app store near you

Apps, mobile: of course. Here’s a nice round up of new and upcoming ones. Making the most of your time at the airport? An Uber for private jets? There are apps for that – in the making.

New travel tech: what’s up and coming in 2016 (English)

Biometrics are already happening

Taking a look into the near future, this report sees opportunities in using biometrics, like fingerprints and facial recognition, to enhance travel experience. Australia would already be rolling out biometric-enabled e-gates for outbound passengers at 8 major airports.

Report predicts biometric technology will enable the ‘next golden age of air travel’ (English)

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