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Sure, travellers are going online, and we’re following, mobile services included – but unless you have been confronted with data fraud or cyber crime yourself, travel data security might not be on your mind. These two links can change your mind about that.

The first one, from our fine colleagues at Central, offers you a free whitepaper and some real numbers. The second one gives you a reality check from a corporate perspective.

Safeguarding information systems: a lever for revenue growth

Our whitepaper rounds up analysis, expert contributors and real world examples to give a comprehensive overview on travel data care, the rising impact of fraud, and the response of the industry.

Why safeguarding information matters to the Chief Commercial Officer (English)

The monster under your bed: mobile program data security fears

This informative piece offers you insight into the advantages and threats when using mobile apps and online services in a corporate environment – and some concrete answers too.

Too many questions, not enough answers (English)

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