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So, your customer is all booked and ready to go. Then he or she asks for a taxi, meeting rooms, parking space or a shuttle service to make sure he or she gets to the airport on time. And you realise this is the missing link in what was a rather smooth booking experience for you and your customer – right up until that moment.

Of course, you have got your ways to deal with this.

But they might be time-consuming, or complex, because they’re not really a part of how you book, and work, generally. And these are the things that, in a whole year, can take up a lot your time, or create stress in busy seasons.

And it doesn’t have to be like that.

Making extra travel content service requests work for you

There’s more you can do than simply make requests like these a part of your workflow. You can actually benefit from them and

  • offer services you can always trust
  • increase your revenue
  • create a better customer experience
  • make your life easier the whole year through

Just imagine getting seamless access and booking a range of fully optimised, relevant and integrated content from trusted partners.

If you work with an Amadeus front-office solution, like Amadeus e-Travel Management and Amadeus Selling Platform, you can make this work. We call it Integrated Partners. And a number of new recent partnerships are nice examples of what Integrated Partners offers.

Here are some examples of travel content you could directly integrate into your offering:

  • Cabforce for taxi and transfer services
  • Book2Meet for meeting rooms reservation in hotels
  • Quick Parking for more than 3,000 parking spots

Global and local travel content integrated

This video introduces you to all the benefits in less than a minute:

In short:

  • improve your post travel administration
    thanks to the inclusion of “other” segment in the PNR
  • get access relevant travel content and rates
    faster access to advanced global and local travel content adaptable to market conditions, corporate travel policies and negotiated rates can be integrated
  • enjoy a simple booking flow 
    easy retrieval, access and booking of content with no change to the booking flow and a single-trip Itinerary

Benefits for travel agents, TMC’s and corporations

Check out the infographic below for a quick overview.
Clicking on it will open it as downloadable .pdf in a new tab or window

Amadeus Benelux Integrated Partners Infographic preview

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