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There is not a day that goes by without a tweet or an update that mentions big travel data in some way or the other. With just a couple of minutes of your time, you can catch up in this #shorttrip and

  • understand what it is
  • how it works, and how important it is for travel
  • and what it could mean for your agency

Clearing things up about big data in travel

Excellent work by Tnooz, here. You get a wonderful introduction into the world of big data, starting by explaining what it is and where you can find it in travel. It’s a longer read, but worth it if you want to catch up.

Big Data and the infinite possibilities for the travel industry (English)

Understanding the meaning of big data in travel

A bit more practical, and a bit more promotional, but noteworthy nonetheless is this second post. It’s an example of how big travel data can be shared in an open environment, creating new possibilities for travel players by actually generating meaningful and actionable insights from massive amounts of data.

How technology turns consumer data into actionable insights (English)

How big data is used, a Benelux application by us

We can actually make big data work for travel agencies today in the Benelux like yours. Our application is called Amadeus Agency Insight and it works as a GPS for you: you’ll know where you are, you’ll know how well you’re doing compared to others and you’ll have a better idea of where to go as travel agency.

This post on our blog explains how

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