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We know, travel trends at the beginning of a new year are like resolutions: you can’t avoid them. So here we go: 2 posts about 2016 travel trends that deserve some of your precious time. Whether they will come true, well, let’s say they work like resolutions in that way too. We’ll see.

A free 5+1 trend magazine

From wireless identification to paper. Paper? Yes, paper. TravelMedia has done an excellent job in this 22-pager of a magazine-ish free download, featuring lively interviews and 6 clear travel trends that look beyond the obvious. Make sure you get this one.

5+1 travel trends for 2016 (Dutch – free download)

Corporate travel is looking good this year

More traditional predictions here, but the clear focus on corporate has earned this mention here. Duty of care and a growing meeting sector may not come as a surprise, but there you go.

7 corporate travel trends for 2016 (English)

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