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Ticketing, fares and pricing changes, IATA knowledge – booking can be messy sometimes. Making mistakes can cost you money – ADM’s, anyone? -, apart from the time you might need to get it right. Calling your helpdesk is not free either. Have you considered following ticketing training or other courses yet?

Because, even if you use the right tools,
are you sure you are getting the most out of them?

The best way to be sure is to go back to school. We can train you in all things travel, skills and knowledge.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the business or whether you’ve got years of experience.

Better margins, time-saving, less mistakes, keeping up

“There are plenty of reasons why you’d follow different training courses”, says Dominique Deprins, our seasoned trainer-colleague from Training & Support.

“Usually, when you’ve acquired one of our tools, they come with the matching training session or sessions. That’s only normal, as a new Amadeus customer, that you’d learn how to use your new tools and then make them work for you in the best way possible.”

You have hired new employees and they’re not familiar with IATA knowledge, for example, or they have no experience in the world of travel? A proper training can help you avoid lots of trouble.”

Having your skills and processes checked constructively

“But even as an experienced travel professional, there are often ways of working more efficiently you might not be aware of. That’s where an assessment comes in”, Dominique explains.

“I know that sounds a bit tricky, but it’s not. We come over to you, we check how you work, in practice, and design an exam to test your skills. Based on those results, we organise a custom training that  zooms in on what you need to up your game.”

“We see that a lot. You might not be aware of certain booking habits you have created, and very often, we can easily improve them. It’s the combination of knowledge, tools and know-how that helps you save time, make less mistakes and create better margins.”

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Avoiding ADM’s with ticketing training

Our Helpdesk probably gets the most calls for dealing with ticket changes, together with fares and pricing issues. Ticket changes, well, they can be a nightmare. And that’s not understating it. We understand, nobody likes ADM’s. There are insurances for them, but if you don’t have any, they can cost you thousands of euros in a month.”

“The best start to avoid ADM’s, is to have us look at your process and check where there’s room for improvement. Then we can zoom in on the skills and know-how you need exactly.”

“If you really want to get into detail, we have got a course Advanced Ticketing Training: 3 days of really diving into the matter. For example, we change a flight and switch to 3 different countries, say, Brussel, London and Hong Kong and learn you to deal with the different taxes and so on. Good fun!”

Standard and custom training courses

“So, basically, there are three ways we can help you with training. We’ve got standard courses, that come with our tools and services, but that can deal with particular travel knowledge and skills too. They’re available as face-to-face courses, or as web sessions, whatever suits you best. And then there are our custom trainings, designed to what you need exactly, after we have done an assessment together.”

“It’s the world of travel, you know”, concludes Dominique. “It never sleeps. We have had the switch to e-ticketing in airlines; what will be next? Online booking changes fast, you need to keep up there too. And even if you’re already using Amadeus tools, extra modules like car or hotel booking, or Master Pricer, can make your life easier and your business more profitable.”

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The new Amadeus Learning Center

Major scoop: we’ve got a brand new Amadeus Learning Center opening soon.

Stay tuned!

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