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It’s one thing to claim our world is changing, and travel is going through a period of disruption now. It’s another to offer answers. These 2 articles deliver.

While the first one argues start-ups and tech giants are well-placed to identify traveller pain points and offer personalised solutions, the second states smartphones turn out to be the most essential travel item. You can’t get more personal than a smartphone, right?

How start-ups and tech giants might have a big edge over travel suppliers

Never mind its obvious, overly keyword-sensitive title. This articles refers to a US study researching which travel areas are most likely to be overturned (travel inspiration, booking transparency and unmanaged business travel). In dealing with this, tech companies and start-ups would have a major advantage over travel companies, it claims. Challenging read.

Data-based innovation to disrupt, restructure travel Industry

We don’t want to travel without our smartphones

Almost 1 5th of 10,000 travellers from 19 countries claim they’d rather lose their tooth brush or their driver’s license than their smartphone. Need another reason to offer a mobile, personalised service?

Smartphone the most essential travel item, survey finds (English)

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