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From our colleagues to customers, everyone who has had some time here to voice his or her opinion, has talked about how roles in professional travel are changing.

These two links offer insight into those shifts: how corporate travel is adapting to sharing economy principles, and how travel agents could adopt a concierge mindset.

Corporate travel is going the app & sharing economy way

Apps and sharing economy principles are trickling down into corporate travel. The reason why? Sharing economy players now offer business solutions too. After the Paris attacks, security is high on the agenda, and tracking apps are becoming popular.

Business joins the smart-travel revolution (English)

What travel agents can learn from a concierge

While travellers are becoming more knowledgeable through online channels, travel agents don’t want to be reduced to a transactional sales channel. How? Adopt the concierge mindset, and aim for the end-to-end customer experience. Better even: they have something the internet does not have, this article claims: real-life in-depth conversations with customers.

Smart travel agents adopt the concierge mindset (English)

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