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If travel is changing, so should we at Amadeus, and we should show the way. That is why we have given our Amadeus Selling Platform a major overhaul. And we do mean ‘major’, as in: fundamental, innovative.

But not because we knew how to make it better.
You, who relies on it, knows best. So we listened.
To 184 of our customers in 23 countries.

And this is how we believe it can and will help you deal with major travel challenges ahead.

One. You’ll be able to create better margins because you work more efficiently with automated & custom workflows. Thanks to a complete redesign, you benefit from optimal user-friendliness. In terms of content variety, you can create your unique, strong offer and we have added plenty of new features on top of the ones you are used to.

Two.  It’s available through mobile which guarantees business continuity. It has become  1 cloud-based platform, that’s 24/7 available on all systems.

Three. It enables you to create a personal customer experience, and you can add whatever local content you want.

The new Amadeus Selling Platform Connect in short

Infographic amadeus benelux selling platform connect

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect in detail

That’s for you too, Benelux!


Our one-stop shop for global Amadeus and regional or local content

For whom?

Travel professionals, novice and expert, who sell, advise and service leisure and business travellers


We gave it a major overhaul and added great tools to make you save time and money and adapt and be ready for the future.

How exactly?

1. complete redesign

  • cryptic magic
    switch effortlessly between cryptic and graphic like you would in a natural booking flow; benefit from a unique environment where the cryptic entries and graphic response go hand in hand
  • Productivity Suite
    automate your workflow: advanced smart flows, smart triggers, Quality Monitor and file finishing
  • new interface & workflows
    user-friendly, have it your way
  • personalise and differentiate
    position your brand, personalise your offer, build customer experience and increase your revenues

2. as unique as your business

  • make it yours
    design a platform unique to your individual needs
  • integrate extra content
    add whatever local content you want

3. fully online

  • accessible & mobile 24/7
    total business continuity
  • immediate standardisation of workspace
    always the latest version at hand
  • technological freedom
    on your hardware, OS, browser…

4. features you are used to

  • use tools and content you relied on
    All Fares, Ticket Changer,
    Hotels, cars, profiles…

Have a look inside

All Fares Plus search screen

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect - All Fares Plus search screen

Ancillary Services catalogue

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect Ancillary Services catalogue screen

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect Graphical seat map

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect Graphical seat map screen

Or take the short route with this video

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