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Like Travix’ John Mangelaars said in his interview with us; price isn’t everything. And finding and keeping new customers requires creating the best possible customer experience. is feeling how AirBnB does that increasingly better, our first link claims. And the second one explains how digital can be, and already is, a major driver to create a brand new customer experience. goes personal too

Great trouvaille by Travelmedia: by creating new applications like DestinationFinder that focus on customer experience, is adapting its pure pricing strategy and trying to create new value by offering inspiration too. Because it’s getting serious competition from AirBnB, and Expedia in this field.

AirBnB grows as competitor (Dutch)

A digital revolution in customer experience

Our second link zooms in on how digital can fundamentally change the travel customer experience. In a series of articles, it explores 4 ‘mega trends’: Recognition, Personalisation, Convenience and Experience gathering.

How digital can revolutionise the customer experience in travel & leisure (English)

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