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Virtual travel is real

2016 is the breakthrough year of VR, better known as Virtual Reality. And it’s very real. With the first VR goggles becoming available for consumers as we speak, we will be able to travel to different worlds without moving from our seats.

Museums are experimenting with the technology, the first VR games will soon be ready or are already there.

These two links look into the future and see what VR could mean for travel. Virtual Tourism, anybody?

VR ready to rock the travel industry

But how can it work, and what can you do with it? This article is a fun read and describes accurately how travel companies are already using VR for promotional goals. And at the same time, it looks into the future. How about VR brochures delivered to your customers at home?

How Oculus and Cardboard Are Going to Rock the Travel Industry (English)

See it for yourself: VR travel apps and sites

It does not take a lot of money to experience VR, really. A Google Cardboard comes cheap, and VR content is available for free through different platforms today, including Youtube. All set? Here’s a nice list of apps and sites you can try. Enjoy your virtual trip!

Travel the Earth from your easy chair with these 10 VR apps and sites (English)

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