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In light of the recent terror attacks and disease outbreaks, duty of care has become an integral part of risk management. More than ever, well-informed professional travelers are aware of the risks of moving around the globe. But what exactly does duty of care entail?

The traditional definition is that “an employer must carry on its operations so as not to subject those employed by it to unnecessary risk”. You can form a more practical interpretation by checking out the three links in this #shorttrip

Do you know where your employees are?

The tragic events in Europe have proven the need for companies to know exactly when and where their employees are traveling. An essential component of this process is called pre-trip approval. The linked article, published on the Global Business Travel Association blog, discusses the surprising results of a recent survey on duty of care.

The Critical Need For Duty Of Care (English)

The growing significance of Duty of Care

Violence and viruses have made the modern corporate traveler wary. Companies, on their part, have become more aware of the legal and moral obligation to keep employees as safe as possible. As a result, a clear understanding of the legal aspect of duty of care has become increasingly significant for travel professionals. Find out more in this clear-cut article by BBT.

Legal: increased focus on duty-of-care demands (English)

How to make sure your Travel Management is on point

Duty of care is just one, albeit important, element of a responsible travel policy. This well-crafted guide presents a comprehensive overview of how to establish and maintain a sound travel risk program. To this end, the Global Business Travel Association proposes a six-step approach that focuses on analysis, integration and review. The link below is an excellent resource for businesses looking to create their own travel risk policy.

Guide to Travel Risk Management and Duty of Care (.pdf, English)

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