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Overly long and complicated travel policies are finally becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, traveling professionals are confident, experienced and in need of clear guidelines. They want travel policies to guide their choices, not restrict them. Luckily for them, mobile booking and in-trip messaging are becoming the norm; about time, right?

Is a one page travel policy really enough?

20-plus-page travel policies simply aren’t taken seriously anymore. According to this insightful article, vague wording and wrong writing strategies are to blame. You can’t write a travel policy to every exception. You have to write a policy to the majority. The result is more engagement from your employees and more attention paid.

The One-Page Travel Policy: Myth or Reality? (English)

Can we do it on mobile?

Absolutely! Nothing would please globetrotters more than mobile support for travel arrangements. Studies have shown that 84% to 92% of travel managers believe mobile technology will boost both policy compliance and productivity. Thus, benefits such as local airport maps and on-the-go booking of, non-Uber, taxis will soon be widely available.

How Successful Mobile Policy Could Benefit Your Program (English)

What will my boss think?

Recently, 350 travel managers and buyers were surveyed about the future of travel policy and, according to the white paper created by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, your boss has totally seen this coming. The new standard travel policy will be short, flexible, and available on mobile.

Evolution of Travel Policy (English, pdf download)

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