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“You can look inside, at your agency, and see how you’re doing; and look outside, how well you are doing compared to others. Those are the two ways in which we can make big data work for travel agencies in the Benelux.”

Actionable insights your travel agency can work with

Stef Rijkers explains how Business Intelligence works: actionable insights, for your agency, distilled from big data and delivered as you need them.

“If you look at it, it’s a very straightforward idea. At Amadeus, we gather so many data from all over the world that we can use and enrich to let you know where you are with your agency. You can learn what you want – anything, really. The goal could be to increase your margins, power up your negotiations with airlines, improve your marketing efforts, optimise your travel policies…

“For example, Bangkok turned out to be the destination most searched for by customers in Germany, Japan and the Netherlands in 2014. We could do the same analysis for Benelux travellers, so you can adjust your actions.”

So many big travel questions

“From our daily dealings with agents and agencies, we have learned they face so many questions”, Stef explains. “Popular routes, your share in an airline, peaks in booking at different times of the year, maybe linked to events like the EC soccer. We can provide those insights, so you can adjust your strategy.”

“Around Christmas, we see a peak in the search for destinations for the next year in the Netherlands. That’s when people are starting to plan. So you might want to ride along on that wave and be there with your offer.”

Amadeus Agency Insight search analysis demo

Have a look inside your agency

“But we can gather data about your agency’s performance as well with Productivity Tracker. On any level, really: employees, agency, PNR. If you check the number of tickets on a daily basis, for example, or the number of cancels or changes to reservations, you might want to adjust your fees to make sure your agency does not pay the price.”

“For corporations, we analyse travel and booking behaviour to see where saves can be made. Very often, with some minor adjustments to booking habits, you can make quite the difference.”

De Waele Marc Manager Transport thomas cookAs Marc De Waele, Manager Transport of Thomas Cook, puts it:

“Thanks to Business intelligence we’ve got a much better insight into our results, with incredible detail. We can analyse fare, fuel and taxes per route, per carrier – for a specific period. We get to compare different periods as well – and even go back in time.”

“It’s a very useful tool to evaluate our results and make our negotiations with airlines more effective, because the info is readily available.”

Amadeus Agency Insight booking analysis demo

Amadeus Business Intelligence for our agency?

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Stef Rijkers

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