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With Google’s AI winning a convincing series of GO games, and warnings for an AI overlord making it to the media on a regular basis, the question is not whether artificial intelligence is going to affect travel, but how.

Looking at digital transformation in the past, it’s safe to say at this time that AI would not replace travel services but rather enhance them, add value and perform tasks it simply does better and faster than us mere humans.

Just look at the way we are handling big data for Business Intelligence, for example, or how the Internet of Things is already shaping travel.

Smarter, better, more accurate, more personal

This is a short but very insightful round-up of a panel discussion on travel with AI experts, including people from IBM’s Watson. It gives good examples of how AI can and is already enhancing our travel experiences.

All in the mind? Artificial Intelligence in travel (English)

The trust issue in using AI travel for personalisation

Not directly related to travel, but highly relevant still, this article analyses the hurdles to take when using AI as bots to improve personalisation. One of the key tasks for the ‘bot’ assistant would be to make complex decisions while really understanding our particular needs. Very insightful, but, mind you, a bot is not exactly the same as AI.

Bots, brands and why we need to start trusting AI (English)

AI travel today

For some real-life examples of artificial intelligence in travel, this article lists some projects happening today. The video about the hotel robot is nice and funny, but still a bit weird, though – or is that just us?

Artificial intelligence in travel; a game changer? (Dutch)

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