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Sure, we all see how travellers take their smartphones and tablets everywhere they go. From their inspiration and research phase right up to boarding their plane and enjoying the trip, heck, it’s even there on their night stand at the hotel – mobile is everywhere and it shapes the travel experience in a fundamental way.

Its potential is huge.

Size should not be an issue

Sure, big players can invest in creating a mobile travel experience and being there for their customers during the whole journey. They have the data, the means to develop and maintain it, the channels to promote it.

But what if you are a smaller or medium-sized travel agency?
Is developing your own app too expensive? Too complicated?
It was.

But not anymore.

Mobile Traveller by Amadeus lets you connect to your customers how you want. And how they want – on their mobile devices, 24/7.

“All our mobile technology in one app”

“We launched a custom app for bigger players a while ago”, explains Ian Van Hove, Amadeus WEMEA Program Manager Mobile. “We then realized this was a huge undertaking for smaller and medium-sized agencies. So we came up with ‘Mobile Traveller by Amadeus’ to solve that.”

“Mobile traveller packs all our mobile technology into one application, really. You can sign up and use this to enrich your travellers’ experience with mobile services – as if it was your very own app. It’s really a new Amadeus branded Mobile solution for travel agencies in Western Europe.”

With eye for your margins

Mobile Traveller contains all the services traveller expect from a mobile travel app:

  • flight and travel data
  • push messaging for updates and changes
  • access to 3rd party content like flights, hotels, taxis…

More importantly, all bookings through your app are processed fully automatically, which reduces your operational costs and allows you to set your own margins.

Put simply, your travel agency will be open 24/7, just as you like it – ready to attract new customers, enrich their experience and increase loyalty.

amadeus mobile traveller screenshot beneluxDownload Mobile Traveller by Amadeus

The app is now available on iOS and Android

Your travel agency on the go?

download our Mobile Traveller spec sheet
(.pdf, 1.4 MB)

check our press release for more info

get into contact with us
or contact your Amadeus account


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