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Finding the most efficient, least wasteful way to travel. That’s what we all aspire to, right? It used to be different, because the multitude of transport options across Europe made it hard to see the forest through the trees. The travel industry focused exclusively only on flight and hotel bookings.

Thankfully, things have changed. In today’s connected world, mobile applications for multimodal travel searches are soaring, and institutions are taking note. Time to catch you up on the latest.

Multimodally blown over from America

Unsurprisingly, this trend started in America. Well, Australia, actually. But America is where multimodal travel made it big. This article tells the story of how it all started.

Looking beyond just planes, more Americans try multi-modal travel search (English)

Amadeus is on the case

Did you think we had missed the boat? This article on the international Amadeus website tells you all about how Amadeus handles this new challenge. Bonus content: a five-minute video interview with our Vice President of Internal Affairs, Svend Leirvaag.

Multimodal transport to shape a more connected future (English)

Europe follows suit. And you can help too!

The eutravel project, backed by the European Commission, tries to increase mobility within the EU by supporting a multimodal, eco-friendly travel framework. And you can help too! Fill out this survey, and your voice will contribute to a more sustainable, more connected Europe.

The European optimal travel ecosystem (English)

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